This mix includes the following 3 mustard green varieties:

1. Wasabina: Extremely frilly, serrated leaves offer a great textural addition to dishes, and its sweet but wasabi-like spice is absolutely bracing and delicious.

2. Southern Giant: an "All-America Selections" winner from 1935. Harvested young, Southern Giant mustard greens will be delicious in salads. As they mature, use them in soups or stir fries. Mustard greens are a staple in the South but will adapt perfectly to any climate and are easy to grow.

3. Dragon's Tongue: a sweet and jaw-dropping beauty. Frilly, crinkled leaves are vibrant green with purple veins and thick, brilliant white midribs. With a flavor to match its looks, it’s full-flavored and succulent without being overly spicy. Superb in stir-fries or robust winter salads.

Specialty Mustard Greens Mix


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