A wonderful variety bred in the Northwest, this enation-resistant snap pea comes from Dr. Jim Baggett at Oregon State University. Plant near a stake, trellis, or fence so the vines can climb. Be very gentle when transplanting, as peas do not like to have their roots disturbed. The short, 32-inch vines yield an abundance of dark green, 3½ inch pods that are thick, juicy, and very sweet. Makes a fabulous snack!


Peas nourish our bodies with phytonutrients and, surprisingly, with omega-3 fatty acids. A hard-working crop, they improve the soil, fixing nitrogen that will feed future crops. Especially easy to grow in cool seasons, snap peas have edible pods that are sweetest as the pods fatten up. High in vitamin C and niacin, they are most nutritious when fresh or briefly cooked. 

Cascadia Snap Peas

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